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Please support our efforts to raise money for our After School Program URBAN ED 101 and our new community outreach program, COMMUNITY COLLECTIVE.

URBAN ED 101 - An after school dance and fitness program using elements of the old
school "President's Physical Fitness Testing" to encourage kids to get active, get fit and be educated on how to be healthy all through dance and fitness programming.

COMMUNITY COLLECTIVE - Free community classes and workshops, fitness training and outreach to our surrounding community members and organizations to get them to move and educate them on health and fitness.

Any Donation is greatly appreciated AND you will receive a gift from the Shock Family for your GIVING SPIRIT.

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“We are a troupe of individuals who, through the power of music and dance, cultivate self-worth, dignity, and respect for all people."


Culture Shock® Oakland is a Hip Hop dance organization dedicated to innovative performance, artist development, and community enrichment, revealing the power and beauty of Hip Hop to diverse communities.


Culture Shock® Oakland (CSO) is a Federal non-profit 501(c)(3) hip-hop dance troupe

We are part of a network of Culture Shock® organizations around the country and in Canada who bring the power and beauty of hip-hop dance to diverse audiences through innovative performances, dance education, and community enrichment programs.

All of our dance troupes are committed to creating fresh, innovative choreography to keep the organization in the cutting edge of the Hip Hop dance community. We specialize in melding urban Hip Hop dance and break dancing to create its own brand of style. Our world-renowned Culture Shock® dance troupes have performed their groundbreaking Hip Hop moves on stages all over the world. The troupes bring great value and depth to the artistic and cultural scene in the Oakland metropolitan area. 

Culture Shock ® Oakland  under the direction of Kim Sims-Battiste is comprised of five dance troupes, each of which provides training, rehearsal, and performance opportunities for dancers and choreographers with various levels of experience and skill. Auditions are held every year for each troupe. Each performs at various venues and events and all take part in a nationwide choreographers' showcase every October in which Culture Shock® dance troupes from around the world convene for a full weekend of performances, training, and community building. Each team provides a unique environment for personal and artistic growth as well as building team and community structure.

Culture Shock® Oakland inspires and empowers diverse members of our community to achieve artistic and personal excellence by providing innovative and progressive training, development, and performance opportunities in the art of Hip Hop dance. The organization provides intensive dance training for youths and adults alike. Adult Culture Shock® Oakland dancers also mentor those in the youth troupes to promote self-confidence and a positive body image.

Culture Shock® began its community outreach efforts by performing in schools to inspire and entertain future generations. Now outreach is one of the organization’s main tenets, with members teaching dance and giving complimentary performances to community organizations. Our members also lend a helping hand to public and non-profit organizations serving the needy in our community. Many of our troupes offer an alternative to street life by providing a rewarding physical activity, instilling confidence, and creating a positive and accepting environment where people can flourish.